Sunday, April 1, 2012

The last mile

I had the most awesome opportunity to pace two runners on their last lap of the Umstead 100 run.  I learned the usual about each of these runners - what they do, where they are from, do they have kids, etc.  I also learned the determination that each of them had to finish despite being tired from running all night and in pain from blisters or just moving for an entire day.

You could look at them as they headed out on the last lap and see in their eyes "I will finish this!"  Each mile the determination it seemed to not let the niggles of the night get to them. I must block out the tiredness and forget the pain and focus on the goal and that I am one more step closer to reaching the finish line.

The last mile is where I got to see the joy and pride of my runner knowing I have a few steps before me until I reach the finish line.  I only hope that I reach the last mile of my own race, that along the way I  persevere and remain determined and in that last mile have the same sense of joy and pride in accomplishing my own 100 mile run goal.